How to Fit a Water Heater Into the Interior?

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How to fit a water heater into the interior?

It so happens that during the repair people are more scrupulous in selecting wallpaper than, for example, home appliances. And if the first is not difficult to replace, then with the second problems arise. Especially if it is a water heater. Such large appliances often bring trouble to their owners: spoil the look of the interior, take up a lot of space or even require re-installation. However, all of this can be quite easily avoided.

We will give an example of several good ideas for placing the water heater without harming your interior and reveal the basic secrets of its selection and installation.

Think through the conditions of the appliance placement in advance

Before you buy a water heater that your friends or a store consultant recommend, think about how suitable it is for you. Plan in advance where you want to install it. This will help avoid problems with the placement of the boiler in the future. Relate where you want to place it to the size of the entire room. Many water heaters are now equipped with remote control technology through the internet. You can find such models, including the brand Ariston. This feature allows you to run the boiler, being away from home, to receive a report on its work and view all the information on your smartphone. If you are a supporter of innovation, ensure stable access to Wi-Fi, otherwise there is a risk that later the water heater will have to be reinstalled. Especially pay attention to the quality of connection for those who plan to place the equipment in a separate room.

Hide heater in a niche, in a built-in cabinet or in a box

If you’ve just started planning a renovation or are in the early stages of it, I recommend hiding the water heater. Having a lot of space will give you a great opportunity to hide the boiler. Most often this is done with the help of a cabinet, box or niche. But do not forget about convenience: you can, for example, place the water heater in a drywall box above the toilet or take care in advance about a built-in cabinet for it. If you go with the box option, install convenient doors in case you or a technician need to get to the water heater. For those who are installing a water heater in an existing living space, you might want to consider other features.

Get a small heater model that looks good and is not conspicuous

If you don’t have enough space to install a water heater or are installing one in an existing living space, a small model may be fine. It takes up little space, it can even fit under the sink or wherever it is convenient for you. A compact model of this type has dimensions of 30 to 40 cm in depth, width and height do not exceed 45 cm, even in the tanks with a capacity of 30 liters. No need to think that the size of the tank has something to do with the quality of its technical characteristics. Modern manufacturers make every effort to ensure that boilers of any volume, shape and size performed their tasks to the full. The above method is suitable for the installation of the boiler in the kitchen or in your work office. For example, the water heater Ariston ABS ANDRIS LUX. Its volume varies from 10 to 15 liters. This model has a nice and stylish design that will not spoil your interior, and the presence of an enameled tank will extend the life of the water heater.

Place the water heater near or over the door

Another option for those who are installing a boiler in an already living room or could not, or maybe just forgot to think through its location before the start of the renovation. I advise to pay attention to models with universal installation, that is, those that can be hung both vertically and horizontally. The most convenient in this regard are square products. You can find such options, where the depth does not exceed 30 cm in the volume of up to 100 liters. Although square models have more heat loss, they save a lot more space. If you want the water heater does not attract much attention, try placing it on the side of the door jamb. For a long time, water heater manufacturers think not only about their functionality and technical component, but also about design. On the market you can easily find a unit that fits externally and will look nice in the room.

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