Power Vent Water Heater

power vent water heater

What is a Power Vent Water Heater?

Power vent water heaters are one of the most popular types of water heaters. In the past, direct vent water heaters were by far the most common choice for most homes. Power vent heaters are different in a few key ways. All water heaters release gasses as a byproduct of heating the water. Direct vent heaters release exhaust vertically, most often through a chimney. Because of this feature, they tend to be more common in older homes. Power vent water heaters, however, vent horizontally, using an exhaust fan to remove the gasses from the home. This allows for arrangements like a gas-powered water heater and an electric exhaust system.

Benefits of a Powered Vent Water Heater

Choosing a new water heater can seem like a daunting task. Depending on your needs, a power vent water heater could be a great choice. Hou Water Heaters can take care of you every step of the way from choosing the best power vent water heater to installation and maintenance. To make an informed decision about this essential appliance, read on for more information about power vent water heaters.


A power vent water heater can be located anywhere in your home. Because of the fan, you can run the pipe to release the exhaust from any point you like. This makes a power vent gas water heater easy to integrate into your home’s design. This can be especially helpful if you are planning to build or remodel a home.

Because the exhaust pipe is oriented horizontally, the system is at a much lower risk of back-drafting. Backdrafting is when exhaust fumes do not properly vent and leak into the home. In addition to reducing the efficiency of the water heater, back-drafting can lead to carbon monoxide being released into your home. The fan in a powered vent water heater makes it nearly impossible for the exhaust to backdraft.

Other Features and Factors to Consider

Power vent water heaters require a separate electrical supply to run the fan. In some cases, you might need to install an outlet near the water heater, which can complicate the installation. Additionally, if the power goes out in your home, the water heater will not be able to vent.

In general, power vent heaters do tend to have a higher up-front price. This is due to a more complicated installation, the need for electricity to power the fan and the cost of improved technology. Over time, however, power vent heaters can provide excellent energy savings that make them significantly more affordable over the life of the model.

The fan leads to more noise from the water heater. Some people find the noise of the fan distracting, but that can depend on how sensitive you are to sounds and where your water heater is located in your home.

Is a Power Vent Water Heater Right for You?

Deciding whether you should purchase a power vent water heater involves thinking about where you want to put the water heater and your budget. If you don’t want the water heater to go near a chimney, or your home does not have a chimney, a power vent heater could be a great choice. The average cost of installing a water heater is $600-1000 with the water heater itself generally worth around $800-1200. Whether you want a conventional power vent hot water heater or a power vent tankless water heater, you can experience greater energy efficiency and flexibility. If you want a conventional heater, the most common size is a 40 or 50 gallon power vent water heater, but there are options available for different sizes.

Hou Water Heaters Can Help You

Finding a power vent water heater in Houston is easy. Just contact Hou Water Heaters, and we will help you pick a water heater that suits your needs. We will guide you through the pricing options, and we offer same-day service. Hou Water Heaters are also able to provide regular maintenance that improves the effectiveness of your water heater and improves its longevity. Our work is 100% guaranteed, so you can feel confident as you make this purchase for your home. Consider Hou Water Heaters for stress-free, professional power vent water heater installation.