Solar Water Heater Installation

Solar Water Heater Installation

Many people continue to choose a solar hot water heater for genuine reasons. One, it is cost-saving, and therefore they cut-down their monthly electric bills. The other reason is that they offer an environmentally friendly way of generating hot water for domestic needs. And why do you think this is so? Well, solar water heating systems only depend on the naturally free energy emitted by the sun.

Since these systems use the sun as their chief energy source, solar hot water systems come fully prepared to work even in any climate. If you are looking to understand more about these units, you are surfing into the right website. We will be discussing the vital information you need to know before shopping for your desired solar powered water heater.

Meaning of a solar water heating system

Typically, a solar hot water heater is an appliance powered by the sun’s energy to help heat water for domestic, industrial, or commercial use. Often, this unit gets installed on any open space and rooftop for easy and adequate reach by sunlight. So, the energy collected is then used to heat the water stored in an insulated tank.

The good thing is that you don’t have to connect these systems with any other electrici
ty sources. Instead, they use solar energy supplied throughout the day to make the water hot and then preserved it in a storage tank. After that, you can use the
1. Stored water for any applications as best desired.
2. For the last few years, many people have been going for electric heat pump water heaters. These pumps are quite remarkable and come with home solar panel units. The electric heat pumps use grid energy to boil water.

Therefore, they can operate on solar electricity even when integrated with a home solar system. Be sure to use standalone solar water heater panels if you can’t install a complete home solar system.

How does a solar water heater work?

Essentially, solar water heating systems may deliver sufficient quantities of hot water to meet your everyday needs for hot water. But, these systems boast two significant kinds of solar water heater panels designed for residential and commercial purposes:
a) Active solar-powered water heater
b) Passive solar-powered water heater
You will find each of these heating systems working differently and boasts different features.

1. Activesolar water heaters

This first type of solar hot water heater relies on a pump to supply hot water from the solar absorbers to your property. In most cases, these units get installed in regions experiencing colder climates. Then, the water can get stored in an insulated tank that may get kept indoors to limit freezing.
Active solar water heaters are further categorized as:

Active direct circulation systems

Here, the water gets heated straight in the collectors, which is then pumped to your home’s faucets and showerheads. You will find solar collectors made of metallic or glass tubes.

Active indirect water circulation systems

As for this solar water heater system, a specialized heat transfer liquid such as pro
pylene glycol gets heated up inside the solar absorbers. After that, the heat is moved to a water supply unit fitted with a heat exchanger. However, a certain amount of heat gets lost during the circulation of the transfer fluid.

2. Passive Solar Water Heater System

Unlike the active heaters, a passive solar tankless water heater doesn’t operate with circulating pumps to supply hot water. Alternatively, they depend on convection as their primary circulation system where hot water rises to the upper surface and cold water sinks. It is through this process water gets circulated.

Interestingly, a passive solar, tankless water heater is often affordable than active heaters. This is because they require no extra equipment to circulate water to your household. This portable solar water heater comes in two types:

Integral collector solar water heaters

They feature quite large and black water tanks constructed inside an isolated box. You will find the box’s top part left open to allow direct sunlight, directly heats water in the
black tanks. This hot water then flows straight into your plumbing system to supply you with hot water whenever you need it.

Passive Thermosymphon Heating systems

This solar, tankless water heater uses metal flat plate collectors to heat smaller water quantities on the rooftop.

Solar Water Heater Cost

Generally, a solar water heater system tends to be incredibly expensive to buy and install than an ordinary conventional water heater. For instance, an average solar water heater cost can go up to about $5,000, but solar water heaters are very cost-effective in the
long run.

Advantages of Solar Water Heater

1. Renewable solar energy is free and in plenty, allowing a non-stop supply of hot water for various uses at homes.
2. Environmentally friendly units as they reduce carbon dioxide emissions, fighting climate change ultimately.
3. Safeguarding water quality as these units help reduce the release of mercury and toxic heavy metals into rivers, streams, and lakes.
4. Very little heat is produced while operating, thus cuts down monthly energy bills allowing you to save big.
5. Improves your home’s value as it is an excellent investment that will pay back pretty well.

Disadvantages of Solar Water Heating System

1. These systems are a bit limited in their functionality. In other words, they only heat water but do not generate electricity.
2. They don’t reduce the amount of water consumed.

Is a solar water heater worth it?

The answer is yes. Although a solar hot water heater can be quite expensive to buy and install, the cost of energy is reduced by up to 80%. They mainly rely on clean, free, and readily available solar energy to heat water. So, you can enjoy receiving hot water for as long as the system runs. Moreover, these units don’t have moving parts meaning that the maintenance costs are relatively low.

Solar water heater installation in Houston

When it comes to installing a new solar water heater system, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. To help you with that, the Hou Water Heaters specialists in Houston come in handy. Their team of professionals is highly trained and qualified to handle any water heaters installation and replacement in the region.

What’s more, you will find them with modern equipment and tools for getting the job done quickly and efficiently. The good thing is that you can make consultations on choosing the best water heating system. Regardless of the time of the day, you can be sure your order will be acted upon not so long after submitting your online application.